Exhibition: Documenting Artistic Technology

Dienstag, 20. November 2012 - 19:00 Uhr

Artistic Bokeh

Artistic Bokeh Artistic Bokeh
The "Artistic Bokeh Display" shows cultural artefacts of the DIY/hacker/modder scene, opening up to discourses of said communities and projects: with reconfiguration and new ab/usages of technology new cultural and artistic practices are possible, that transform not only the (media) arts, but any form of contemporary production. Artist interviews among short documentaries of artistic projects are presented, that connect to international discourses and experiments in media, arts, science and design.

Opening: 2012-11-20, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
The exhibition will be running until late 2013, and being extended every month.

ArtisticBokeh in quartier21, MQW

A small exhibition of process artifacts is representative for the works and conceptual positions in experimental and playful investigation of technological and social configurations through media art. Artist’s views on practices of research and production are investigated through video interviews, of which several are on display in the exhibition booth. With BitcoinCloud, the Artistic Technology Research Lab presents a media art approach to alternative currencies and investigates playfully new material and economic realities.

Displayed works:

  • Prayas Abhinav: mas*ing, closed circuit communication device

  • Setup.nl: Tracking Cookies, laser-cut qr-code cookies / emotion mapping

  • Fran Ilich: Spacebank - A Latin American virtual community investment bank trading online since the beginning of the Otra Campaña Zapatista in 2005

Prayas Abhinav: mas*ing

“mas*ing is a set of objects which can be used for privileging and layering the access which others have to our lives online. These objects are meant to be given as presents to people for whom we want to create a privileged access to an online resource. It can facilitate limited-visibility interactions of peer-learning, community organizing and activism. Insulation becomes a way for chasing noise in the autobiographical, allowing personal online narratives to become layered and acquire more depth.”


Fran Ilich: SpaceBank

“Ilich is investigating creative practices in virtual community investment banking. Globalized capitalist markets use finance as a means to extract surplus and value from localized world production - relying on networks of power to do so. But finance can also be reversed engineered so that it becomes the seed for new forms of cooperation, collaboration and socialization, drawing on and building networks through virtual communities. Used creatively, finance can actually further the prosperity and efficacy of minority reports, marginal narratives, alternate commodity markets, social currencies, hacktivism and other activist practices, as well as strengthen the hope of sustainability in creative digital labor and internet production practices.“ (text via eyebeam)

On display are 20 Ai Weiwei sunflower seeds, that were purchased with BitCoin. The actual transaction stays active in the BitCoin Blockchain and is publicly viewable. Initially, Ai Weiwei produced over 100 Millions of said seeds - the porcelain items were hand-painted by artisans in Jingdezhen. Besides their actual use as currency (they are traded on art markets) the sunflower seeds can be purchased from the SPACEBANK.


Setup.nl: Tracking Cookies

“setup.nl handed out 600 real tracking cookies to visitors of the Beschaving festival. Tracking people? Yep! Each cookie had a QR-code etched into it by a lasercutter. A map of three emotions: there are 3 types of cookies, each representing an emotion. We asked people to only scan (and then eat) the 'excited' cookie when they felt excited, the touched cookie when they were really moved, or the 'enlightened' cookie when they felt they had learnt something. The result is this beautiful map and timeline of emotions.”


Video Documentation

The format of “documentation” is an essential part of reflecting, presenting and structuring knowledge. Artistic Bokeh works in cooperation with expert-networks with backgrounds of DSLR-Video and DIY-Cameras, and includes a self-reflexive component which addresses the medium “documentation” as such: documentation as method. The main aim is to research on aesthetic/qualitative parameters of experimental documentation, apart from working on and finding new terms for what was previously known as “New Media Arts”.

On display are four videos showcasing the work of Artistic Bokeh.

Interviews and Documentation featuring Aldo Tolino, Alejo Duque, Alexander Müller, Andreas Siagian, Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena, Atushi Wakimoto, Bengt Sjölen, Bernhard Garnicnig, Brendan Howell, Chris Kummerer, Christa Sommerer, Clemens Apprich, Danilo Rosato, Danja Vasiliev, Dominique Chen, Exonemo, Fran Ilich, Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka WARBEAR, Fumihiko Sumitomo, Georg Tremmel, Georgios Papadopolous, Gordan Savicic, Hans Bernhard, Hernani Dias, Hiroshi Yoshioka, Hisashi Muroi, Ivan Poupyrev, Julian Oliver, Jürgen Geuter, Laurent Mignonneau, Lena Braun, Leo Peschta, Manfred Faßler, Margarete Jahrmann, Marina Grzinic, Martin Howse, Martin Pichlmair, Masaki Fujihata, Mathias Fuchs, Michael Seemann, Nikolaus König, Olliver-Lerone Schulz, Philip Horst, Philip Lammer, Philip Leitner, Pit Schulz, Prayas Abhinay, Rasa Smite, Ryota Kuwakubo, Sabine Seymour, Servando Barreiro, Shimurabros, Takahiro Kaneshima, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Ubermorgen.com, Verena Kuni, Verina Gfader, Walter Crasshole, Walter Langelaar, Yukiko Shikata, Yuko Mohri, among others.



Nerz Techleben
artisticbokeh, artistic technology, research, exhibition, documentation
Dienstag, 20.11.2012 19:00
bis Mittwoch, 18.09.2013
Artistic Bokeh
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien
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