Raw Matters Joint Ventures

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2022 - 14:00 Uhr


On Sunday the 15th of May Raw Matters joins forces together with Bears in the Park and toZOMIA. We invite you to a day full of performative interventions in and around Sonnwendviertel.

Doors open at 14:00 @toZOMIA, Bloch Bauer Promenade 22, 1100 Wien
Doors close at 22:00 @Bears in the Park, Kempelengasse 1, 1100 Wien
Come and go as you like // Pay as you can!

14:00 – 19:00 Performative Tours in and around Sonnwendviertel with:
- Karine Blanche Séror (Tender Steps Residency January / mentor: Jasmin Hoffer)
- Sebastian Bechinger, Yuwol June C & Lena Maya Turek (Tender Steps Residency - Site specific / mentor: Mads Floor Andersen )
- Iliya Hosseini, Said Gärtner & Johanna Krenn (Tender Steps Residency - Site specific / mentor: Mads Floor Andersen)
- Jaxyn Randall & Lucia Rosenfeld (Tender Steps Residency - Site specific /mentor: Mads Floor Andersen)

19:00 – 20:00 Raw Matters – an unpolished Dance and Performance Evening @ Theater Gleis21 t
- Tina Amerstorfer & Boglárka Lutz with a work in progress of "Touching Sound with my Fingers #2"
- Clara Zeiszl with the dance and juggling Solo "Solitude"
- austrian performer Margarita Wagner & palestinian comedian Faisal Abu Alhayjaa share their first collaboration "Strangers Habibi - غُرباء حبيبي
an experiment"

21:00 – 22:00 And for an evening to remember we walk to Kempelenpark and assemble in front of the studios at Bears in the Park waiting for something to happen. A light goes on and there it is 15-20 minute performances, by Fabian Faltin & Adam Dekan (Performance), Judith Stehlik (Foto performance), Stefano D'Alessio (Media Art Performance), Pop:sch (Queer Jetset Electro Pop Concert) visible through the window. Each room reveals distinct acts for the audience who gather outside with a drink in their hands in a light early summer night. For more info and a peek into the previous "Quality Street!": https://bearsinthepark.org/programs/quality-street
Throughout the day Irene Lucas accompanies us with her cargo bike, opening up a culinary experimental event space with a wide variety of solar cookers and solar ovens, where cooking with the sun will be shown and tested in small groups. With free and clean energy, a growing digital map of the sol.lab.zones is created in association with local partners and initiatives and imagined and activated as a new micropolitical act of everyday life. Exciting conversations arise about the origin of the food and new solar cooking recipes for a growing solar community sol.lab.zones, which is also shown via social media and is networked locally and internationally with other alternative cooking methods such as fermentation processes and a cooking box.


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Performance, Führung, Sonnwendviertel, Bears in the Park, Raw Matters
Sonntag, 15.05.2022 14:00
Bloch Bauer Promenade 22/4
1100 Wien
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