Roböxotica 2016
08.12.2016 19:00h
Roböxotica 2016
Fotocredits: monochrom
Roboexotica 2016 will take place December 8-11, 2016 at mo.ë Vienna.

Until what seems almost recently, no attempts had been made to publicly discuss the role of Cocktail Robotics as an index for the integration of technological innovations into the human Lebenswelt, or to document the increasing occurrence of radical hedonism in man-machine communication. Roboexotica is an attempt to fill this vacuum. It is the first and, inevitably, the leading festival concerned with cocktail robotics world-wide. A micro mechanical change of paradigm in the age of borderless capital. Alan Turing would doubtless test this out.

In 2016 Roboexotica will take place in a well-known offspace. mo.ë is located at the former royal medal factory Mandelbaum, that is featured in Frederic Mortons novel "The Forever Street. It now serves as the cornerstone of restistance against the growing pressure of Gentrification in Vienna. By end of 2015 the factory should have transformed into luxury lofts, not only adding one more non-affordable location to the growing list of luxury homes, but also losing an important location of history in the 17th district. Currently mo.ë is a wonderful experimental area for architecture, performing and visual arts, science, literature and music. We hope, the robots will help and join the resistant forces.

Thursday, Dec. 8
Opening 7pm

Friday, Dec. 9
Exhibition from 7pm to 2 am.

Saturday, Dec. 10
Exhibition from 5pm to 2 am.

Sunday, Dec. 11
Exhibition from 3pm to 9pm.
7:30pm: Annual Cocktail Robot Awards 17.0 - ACRA 2015.
Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)