Applied Microperformativity – The Flourish

Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018 - 17:00 Uhr

Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL)

with Paula Flores, Rafael Lippuner, Monica C. LoCascio, Marko Markovic, Marthin Rozo, Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi, Laura Stoll & Mauricio Suarez.

A critical – performative farewell tour to relive excerpts of the symposium, posing new entanglements in juxtaposition to own point of views and works.

In the aftermath of an intense symposium, this loose tour allows to take a deep breath and review a few moments and impressions of what just happened – on the very same tableau. This is the place and time for fundamental observations, as well as for marginal sidenotes and ethical questions, leaving room for one’s personal approach to Microperformativity.

The tour includes performances, performative research and presentations which deal with the topics and left-overs of the symposium, as well as the location itself. Subsequently, we invite the guests for a drink at the AIL bar, before we continue the evening elsewhere.

Space Occupation, Paula Flores
untitled, Marko Markovic
Hepatoscopy | Face Value, Laura Stoll
Between Moths and Humans, Marthin Rozo
Breath, Mauricio Suarez
Embrecord, Monica C. LoCascio
inevitables, Rafael Lippuner
untitled, Zsusza Rozsavolgyi


Tauben Loge
brut, Performance, Interventions, Exhibition
Mittwoch, 19.12.2018 17:00
Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL)
Franz Josefs Kai 3
1010 Wien
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