Gurushots - solo

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018 - 19:00 Uhr


gurushots gurushots
GuruShots debut exhibition in Vienna,
Choosing to portrait the unique "SOLO" international photo exhibition at the hinterland gallery.
An urban gem in the local art scene with a clear social agenda

Opening July 12th with a festive event, open for all

"SOLO" In a society that worships groups, quantity, mass, and multiples,
how much focus are we really willing to dedicate to the singular

thousands of authors from around the world picked up the glove and participated in the challenge, giving their own attention to a single object in the frame, furthermore, leaving the blank space surrounding it simply that - blank

The exhibition will showcase the works of 600 photographers from more than 94 countries, will participate at this group exhibition in print and on a digital screen.

Bridge-building between the virtual and the tangible world, the exhibition is conceived by GuruShots, an online platform that connects and inspires over 1,400,000 photographers from around the world.

GuruShots uses a combination of crowd-sourced curation and a special GuruShots expert panel to select the best images.


Pudel Design
Fotografie, Eröffnung, Solo, Wettbewerb
Donnerstag, 12.07.2018 19:00
bis Sonntag, 15.07.2018
Krongasse 20
1050 Wien
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