Alessandro Cicoria: Cicoria

Donnerstag, 07. Juni 2018 - 19:00 Uhr

Vin Vin

Vin Vin is pleased to announce an exhibition by Rome-based artist Alessandro Cicoria (b.1980) within our relocation to Ruyter Studio, Brucknerstrasse 6, 1040. The show will open on June 7 and will continue until 14 July. Opening hours are 13:00-18:00 Tuesday to Friday and Saturday 11:00 – 16:00.

On the event of this exhibition a book dedicated to his work will be launched. The book is published by NERO, co-produced by Vin Vin, and will contain a dialogue between the artist and the curator Luca Lo Pinto about the artist's work and vision.

In a recent series of works, Cicoria produces drawings originating from the artist's research on the Aerofonisti at Museo storico dell'Arma del Genio in Rome. The Aerofonisti, civil blind men enlisted during both World Wars, were enrolled to intercept the enemy aircraft. Through giant mechanical ears, they caught the sounds that caused them visual sensations. The blind Aerofonisti talked about an acoustic goal as something visible to the eye. A medical report describes the views of these men. Spots and colorful shapes were used as a language to establish the air distance.

Here below a statement from the artist about his work:

"At first impact, my work appears to avoid visual coherence, because I proceed, as it were, the wrong way round. My work is an adaptation of what I encounter in my lived experience. There?s always a transformation, even though it seems imperceptible at times. It?s a bit like underlining the pages of a book: I highlight something that?s invisible even though it?s so concrete. I?ve also taken the luxury of acting in accordance with my personal pleasure, thinking not about the immediate result but about the need to live the adventure of that moment, which then – as I think transpires from my works – is always an act aimed at sharing.

The work is a continuous process with the aim of formalizing an accidental act. The shape?s composition takes place in the darkroom and its development in the sunlight. Most of the works come from archived studies, from an investigation of the past. Often these works are the result of a long narrative.

Alabaster plaster, acrylic, photographic emulsion, sulfite and potassium carbonate, hypo sulfite, wooden planks, pigment, colored papers, iron nets, nylon, are all the elements that make up these works."

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 7 June.


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Alessandro Cicoria, Eröffnung
Donnerstag, 07.06.2018 19:00
bis Samstag, 14.07.2018
Vin Vin
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