Critical Matters
Join us to discuss the exhibitions:

Lone Haugaard Madsen “Raum#350-Lystre”
Galerie Sophie Tappeiner (15.05-23.06.2018)

Lena Henke “The Move”
Galerie Emanuel Layr (15.5-7.7.2018)

Lucie Stahl
Galerie Meyer Kainer (5.6 -31.7.2018)

Critical Matters is a platform for art criticism in Vienna. By analyzing current exhibitions in diverse venues and engaging in a live debate, an alternating group of participants addresses the parameters and conditions for the critique of contemporary art in the local context and opens different avenues for critical dialogue.


Noit Banai, Art Historian and Art Critic, University of Vienna
Kimberly Bradley, Writer, Editor, and Educator; New York University, various art magazines
Sabeth Buchmann, Art Historian and Art Critic, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Sebastian Egenhofer, Art Historian, University of Vienna