Vienna Design Week: Drawing Public Space
30.09.2017 18:00h
Improper Walls
Vienna Design Week: Drawing Public Space
Drawing Public Space - Vernissage

An opening vernissage to launch our public intervention in Schwendermarkt. We will illustrate the project, our vision and the social effects we're aiming to trigger, at Improper Walls Gallery - our partner and logistic base - exhibiting a small prototype of the drawn carpet to be applied on the market square.

What is Drawing Public Space?

Drawing public space is a work in progress workshop in Schwendermarkt, Vienna, which will be host during the Vienna Design Week 2017. The workshop aims at investigating and triggering new social dynamics in the chosen area by redefining its public space. Towards the idea of appropriation of public space by its inhabitants, the project’s intent is to add a layer of play, character and curiosity to a generic space and to hopefully engage the community in various actions of interaction.

Come visit the project in Schwendermarkt, even outside the event times.

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Drawing Public Space
Vienna Design Week - Stadtarbeit

29th September - 08th October 2017
Schwendermarkt - Mariahilfer Str. 196, 1150 Wien, Austria