RIAT Research Institute for Arts & Technology invites you to the book presentation(s) of Poietry: Challenging Solitude and the Improbability of Communication. The presentation(s) aim to both address and apply poietic strategies through artistic practice.

Together with Ingrid Cogne, Julia Hölzl and Seth Weiner, Sophie-Carolin Wagner, author of Poietry - Challenging Solitude and the Improbability of Communication, explores novel arrangements for the improbable endeavour of a book presentation.Programme:

19:00-20:00 Bar and social gathering
20:00-21:00 Book presentation(s) - in various iterations
21:00-22:00 Bar and social gathering

Communication is the only possibility to create actualities transcending our solitude. Yet individuals are unable to communicate. Wagner’s work explores the possibilities and impossibilities of connecting and the transformational agency of art as a medium in challenging the improbabilities of communication.