Crypto-Economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts

Mittwoch, 23. August 2017 - 21:00 Uhr

RIAT Research Institute for Arts & Technology presents its Crypto-Economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts program at the BLOCKCHAIN evening hosted by Club Alpbach Oberösterreich in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.

Crypto-Economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts offers insights into the crypto-economic condition and presents an overview of blockchain-related activities within Austria from 2011-2017. The program introduces the new work PROOF-OF-PRESENCE developed by DARC and the NEM Foundation which critically questions utopian/dystopian narratives of machine labour with a performative blockchain. One of the earliest blockchain based artworks ?Bitcoincloud? by Artistic Bokeh is also exhibited alongside the Terra0 project; a self-owned forest that creates a scenario whereby a forest is able to sell licences to log trees through automated processes, smart contracts and blockchain technology. Terra0 will be presented by Hmpshr Mx, RIAT's current crypto-economic artist and researcher-in-residence with Q21 at MQ – MuseumsQuartier Wien.

Crypto-Economics: Infrastructures & Artefacts is an ongoing program by RIAT that will be featured in various iterations over the next year, including Ars Electronica, Ethereum DEVCON and the The Future of Demonstration.


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RIAT, Blockchain, Forum Alpbach
Mittwoch, 23.08.2017 21:00
Hallenbad Alpbach, 6236 Alpbach
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