Harry Sanderson: World Grid
21.03.2017 19:00h
Harry Sanderson: World Grid
Fotocredits: Gwenhyfar Sanderson
Pina lädt ein zur Eröffnung der Einzelausstellung "World Grid" von Harry Sanderson.

"A grid acts as an organising principle for a series of random inputs. The addition of an order into a random series of events will produce a form which reflects that ordering principle, if only as a shadow or trace.

The sculptures presented in World Grid act as analogue sorting mechanisms, as cyphers for the capacity of concrete abstraction to structure organic matter, density, distribution, surface tension.

These sculptures display simulations of dynamics and forces which you are not permitted to know. They are a black box, an encrypted file, an undisclosed leak. It is usually presumed that a simulation is obliged to imitate or model a dynamic relation external to itself, to act as a tool for prediction or preparation. These simulations express only themselves. The mathematical relation between a flow of water and a grid.

“The flow of information through a system acts to organise that system” - The Whole Earth Catalogue.

At MIT they learned to harvest water from the clouds using polypropylene meshes. Technology consists of the frozen social relations that produce it, and its relation to nature is both mimetic and parasitic. Something it must violently simplify in order to control. An Abacus, a liquid model of debt, pixels made of water, a game of chance, population density, viscosity, congregation, contagion, fluidity and the equation of drops of water with signals. Capital breaks down nature into discrete packets compatible with the chain of production."

Curated by Cory Scozzari / Cordova

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