Ethnocineca Filmklub Januar

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017 - 19:00 Uhr

Volkskundemuseum Wien

Join us at our first Filmklub of the new year: On January the 26th, one week after the inauguration of America?s new president Donald Trump, we take a close look at the rural America and what has come to be known as white trash, rednecks, and hillbillies in Jessica Bollag?s "I?m not leaving Eldon".

Entry fee: Free donation!

Jessica Bollag | USA, Schweiz 2015 | 49 Min. | OmeU
White Trash, Rednecks, Hillbillies – die Menschen in Eldon wissen, welche Stereotype ihnen anhaften. Das Dorf liegt im Bundesstaat Iowa, dem größten Produzenten von Mais und Soja in den USA. Doch multinationale Konzerne, die wichtigsten Arbeitgeber in der Region, zahlen schlecht – es droht soziale Verarmung. Also begnügt man sich mit wenig, feiert viel und bewaffnet sich lieber bis an die Zähne, anstatt Türen abzuschließen. Welcome to Eldon!

Jessica Bollag | US, Switzerland 2015 | 49 Min. | OmeU
The state of Iowa is the largest producer of soy and corn in the U.S.. In the town of Eldon, Iowa, the multi-national corporations, Cargill and John Deere, are the most important job sources - mostly in the low income bracket. In the town there are hardly any public services. Five young people talk about their daily lives in this rural area.

Firing and outsourcing are real threats. Beside all this, the protagonists are labeled with negative stereotypes: white trash, rednecks and hillbillies. The five inhabitants of Eldon describe the local changes. Why stay despite bad job opportunities? How do they deal with their negative stereotypes? Why is freedom more important than a career? Creative solutions and a strong sense of community are essential in this rural region.

An anthropological documentary about unlocked doors, fun and conflict in geographical isolation.


Flimmer Ratte
Screening, Filmklub, ethnocineca, Dokumentarfilm
Donnerstag, 26.01.2017 19:00
Volkskundemuseum Wien
Laudongasse 15-19
1080 Wien
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