Cabaret poulet #2 mit: Mikko Savela, Eric Wong / Irene Kepl, Luiza Schulz / Michael Zacherl, Paul Gründorfer
02.09.2016 20:00h
Cabaret poulet #2 mit: Mikko Savela, Eric Wong / Irene Kepl, Luiza Schulz / Michael Zacherl, Paul Gründorfer
live ab 8pm, doors 7pm

Mikko Savela
Mikko Savela is a guitarist of finnish origin, born and based in Umeå, Sweden. After exploring different genres of music with various groups, he turned into improvisation and started to experiment with different ways to play on the guitar. Today he have his guitar laying down, and use it more as a percussion instrument than a guitar, by plucking the strings by both hands and hitting metallic objects on the guitar body. Besides the guitar he uses different kind of microphones and electronics. Has played with Will Guthrie, Jérôme Noetinger, Yan Jun, Hankil Ryu, Hong Chulki among others

Eric Wong / Irene Kepl
Eric Wong - born 1981 in Minneapolis, grew up in Hong Kong - a guitarist and computer musician. He focuses on free improvisation, with the endeavor to explore new sounds from his instruments.
Irene Kepl studied classical violin and jazz in Linz and she now lives in Vienna. Her work focuses primarily on contemporary classical music, free improvisation, composition, Jazz and groove based music.

Luiza Schulz / Michael Zacherl
Luiza Schulz, born Brazilian, Sound Artist, began her studies in Environmental Engineering in 2008, changing, after 3 years, to Liberal Arts. Still in Brazil, she discovered in Aesthetics a universe that lead her to UdK – Berlin, which aproximated her desire for Sound Studies. Now, based in Vienna and student at the Institute for Computer Music and Electroacoustic Medium, she researches and creates with Sound.

Michael Zacherl, Klangkünstler, Musiker, Komponist und Ingenieur lebt und arbeitet in Wien. Er ist Mitglied des Kollektivs snim - Spontanes Netzwerk für improvisierte Musik - und spielt im Duo blauwurf. Live-Performances im Bereich von Improvisation bis Interpretation. Solo-Auftritte mit selbstentwickelter Live-Elektronik sowie akusmatische Präsentationen eigener und fremder Werke im Rahmen von Festivals und Residencies im In- und Ausland.

Paul Gründorfer
is a sound performer and sonic explorer, working in the areas of experimental electronic music, sonic sculptures and site specific interventions. He is developing real time audio systems, that act autonomous or in reference to the spatial constellation. While considering the encounters between analog and digital, structured or improvised elements, he is focusing on the abstract occurrence of sound and its physical impact. In his work electronic circuits are interconnected to cause semi-natural entities, autonomous organisms, half-animals. The electronic machine functions as the mimesis of an organic world, voice and articulation is generated through loops in feedback networks. Continuous ecosystems, Archaic animal-noise-transmission, onomatopoeia. Contrary to the simulation of sound by the means of deterministic composition concepts, the spectrum of sound is found in the present - listening to the chants and occasional bursts of noise of the world of animals and beyond.

Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)