A Berry Feast Vol. 5, Day 3
02.07.2016 12:00h
A Berry Feast Vol. 5, Day 3
Fifth edition of A Berry Feast
Noon - 21:45 - mo.ë (Thelemangasse 4, 1170 Wien)
22:00 - closing time - AU (Brunnengasse 76, 1170 Wien

tentative schedule:
12:00 Workshop with Fede Fossati from Pandelindio: Build your own didgeridoo or bansuri, registration: featheredcoyoterecords@gmail.com
16:00 Bird People
17:00 Missing Organs (acoustic piano set)
18:00 Dinner + Talk
19:00 Pandelindio
20:00 Louise Landes Levi

Exhibition: Alosi Plattner
22:00 Missing Organs (electric set)
23:00 Robotra
24:00 Raju Arara
--> DJ-Line: Hasselblad, Inou Ki Endo

Artist Information:
Louise Landes Levi (Reading & Concert)
(Poet, publisher, musician and translator who was part of the “Flying Lotus Magical Opera Company” and has studied North Indian Classical music and sarangi with Annapurna Devi. Recent releases include “From the Ming Oracle” and “The Book of L”)
Bart DePaepe
(Musician, poet and publisher, founder of Sloow Tapes and member of cult psych bands Sylvester Anfang and Sylvester Anfang 2. Solo Lp out on Vohu Manah Records)
(Acoustic drone collective around Fede Fossati, based in Buenos Aires. Releases on Feathered Coyote Records and Frente Al Fuego Ediciones.)
Bird People
(Acoustic drone collective around Uli Rois, based in Vienna. Releases on Was Ist Das?, Dead Vox, etc.)
Missing Organs (acoustic set)
(project by musician, journalist and founder of the tape label Bezirk Tristan Bath, this time treating us to an acoustic piano improvisation.)
(highly energetic indie noise rock/pop, releases on Numavi and WSMTML)
Missing Organs (electronic set)
(experimental improv solo project by Tristan Bath, releases on Sacred Tapes and Power Moves Label)
Raju Arara
(modular synth magic, releases on Hare Akodod and forthcoming on Ultra Eczema)

DIY Instrument Workshop with Fede Fossati - Build your own didgeridoo or bansuri!

Tape Label / Zine / Self-publishing Fair - Releases by Sloow Tapes, Bezirk, Feathered Coyote Records and many others

Exhibition: Alosi Plattner - “Die Peripherie”

Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)