Performative Screenings #38: Kurdwin Ayub. Kurdwin 3.0

Freitag, 06. November 2015 - 19:00 Uhr


Kurdwin Ayub 2015 Kurdwin Ayub 2015
Like these (world-)famous bloggers, blogging from precarious countries (third world countries) - I can do that
I could play a little with the fact of Iraq being so different. So dangerous. I constantly have to get rid of everything and report about it, no matter how dangerous or irrelevant (trivial). I sell real life.
"Iraq is another world. Living in Europe is different from living in Iraq, and to be able to see that led me to show my view without knowing why - I don't know why I have to show what feelings I have experienced and put them in videos. I have to tell people - when my father and I are going to northern Iraq and meeting goodlooking Auftragsmörder und die irakische Fussballnationalmannschaft - I have to tell ... When I was in my parents? house last weekend and my sister was doing squats while I'm on her back, I also have to tell people about that."
Eigentlich ist Irak nicht so anders. (Iraq is not that different, after all.)


Flimmer Ratte
Irak, Kurdwin Ayub, Performative Screenings
Freitag, 06.11.2015 19:00
Grüngasse 22
1050 Wien
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