mo.ë Saisonstart: Tendances Emerging Female Artists
15.09.2015 19:00h
mo.ë Saisonstart: Tendances  Emerging Female Artists
mit: Anna Barfuss (AT), Waltraud Brauner (AT), Julia Danzinger (AT), Carola Fuchs (AT), Freya Gabie (UK), Jessyca R. Hauser & Effe U Kunst (AT), Sara Lanner (AT), Claire Lefèvre (FR), Erisa Mirkazemi (IR), La Fuminante (CO), Frieda Paris (DE), Lilly Pfalzer (AT), Marie-Christin Rissinger (DE), Frida Robles (MX), Patrizia Ruthensteiner (AT), Agnes Varnai (HU), Dorothea Zeyringer (AT)
Kuratiert von Claire Blake und Mimie Maggale, Koproduktion mit id/l

TENDANCES is an exhibition curated by Irish artist Claire Blake and Austrian artist Mimie Maggale. It is the starting point of a series of events at mo.ë focussed on emerging female artists and performance art. The events include the opening of the exhibition (September 15th 2015, 7pm), the showing of a performance piece entitled TARTES (September 19th & 20th 2015, 5pm) and the closure of the exhibition with LA BOUM, a 60 minute intensive dance party performance (September 25th 2015, 8pm).
The exhibition focusses on emerging female artists and performance art, gathering 17 female artists from 8 different countries, working with performance art or using methods of performance art as part of their methodology. The presented artworks reflect different approaches to the form of performance art, as well as individual artistic and cultural backgrounds. The exhibition will include visual, photographic and audiovisual works, as well as installations and live performances.
Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)