03.04.2015 21:00h
William BILWA Costa (US), Réka Rehaug THEMSEN (AT), Christine SCHÖRKHUBER (AT), Margaret UNKNOWN (AT) | Live

6x2: a concert performance of 4 sound and movement artists playing all possible combinations of duos in an consecutive movement.

William “Bilwa” Costa is an artist who works in the performing, sound, and visual arts contexts. He works with elements and techniques including: graphic scores, conceptual structures, task-based movement, impulse-response, silence, sine tones, raw elements, field recordings. Improvisation and collaboration with other artists are essential elements of his work. He works internationally, generating research, lab, and performance projects, actively cultivating opportunities for artists to work together on new interdisciplinary experiments. His musical practice incorporates electro-acoustic improvisation, both solo and ensemble, and composition. Bilwa has performed, led workshops, and been a guest lecturer in N. America, Europe, and Australia. His most recent projects include: collaborations with Jasmin Schaitl in Vienna and Berlin, sub_space, an improvisation structure for dance, visual, and sound with dancer Stina Nilsson, Akemi Nagao and others, which premiered in February 2013 at 100° Festival, Berlin; P600, improvised music research project with Klaus Janek, Nicolas Wiese, and Luca Marini; sound/map, a collaboration with visual artist Aya Imamura;listening sessions with Christian Konrad Schröder, and resonance, an ongoing research and performance collaboration with Martín Lanz Landázuri and Emily Sweeney.

Controlled coalition of the unpredictable. Circuits of simultanitiy. Canned Noises, tinned tunes and melodic distorsions. The sound artist Christine Schörkhuber works with a fragile yet powerfull setup consisting of self-built electronic analog interfaces, sonorous everyday commodities and her voice. The performance is trembling between subtle crunchy sounds, song fragments, noise-fields and penetrating drones.

"At times aged metallic sounds fused with warm shades of wood, then turns into a surreal and powerful air and fire spiral that was the prelude to a stylized silhouette of female voice throwing cascades of reverb, while folding time and space in a frequency Set drowning in seas of subsonic notes." Rodrigo Moncada

In 2010 Gueule Populaire originally started out as a 'classic' improvised music group in the Viennese tradition. Like many of those, over the years of constant collaboration, we also slowly developed the need for an extension of material, which at the beginning manifested in the idea of the compositional emancipation and integration of movement into our practice. What first was just an emphasis of natural gestures evolving while playing the instruments turned into a general awareness and focus on the body and its extension, the environment. We continued to work with subliminal body language, flicker movement and different room positionings that result in altered room acoustics. Following the path of expansion we also started to weave in other theatrical elements (light-design, costumes, props) and explored and integrated altered mental/structural states like static-installational or durational approaches into our performances, further opening up new dimensions of experience.

Margaret Unknown (different audiosetups ranging from guitar, synthesizer, DIY electronics, woodwinds, percussion, feedback systems, voice)
Réka Rehaug Themsen (cello, voice).


doors 19h / stage 21h
Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)