¥€$!¥€$!¥€$! presents: Burlin Mud & Yuri Landman Workshops
18.12.2014 10:00h
¥€$!¥€$!¥€$! presents: Burlin Mud & Yuri Landman Workshops
Workshops with Yuri Landman and Roy Culbertson III.

Amped Hard Disc Drive Workshop
People have to bring their own old HD. Ask around, there are plenty of people who have them lying around. 10 euros entrance fee.
YouTube to see the result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Y2JXDq4fM&list=UUfkC8neLsKwemTZZpCEd0_w

Kalimba Workshop
Built your own Electric Kalimba, 75 euro

Home Swinger Workshop
12 string 3rd bridge zither, 125 euro

Triochord Workshop
3 string instrument, 40 euro.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCRk1_8zOWs (this is a monochord, not triochord, no TC available on YouTube)

More in depth info about the Kalimba, the Home Swinger and the Triochord can be found in this online pdf brochure:

REGISTER + schedule: mail to strateraser@gmail.com

BURLIN MUD: Metal Mangs and other Delights
Roy Culbertson III leads a workshop to be followed by a concert, or a concert to be preceded by a workshop. Sound sculptures and home made instruments: Piggie, Hello Kitty Tabernacle, Deep Reed (D.R.), Oscillating Bong Hose Horn (O.B.H.H.), Worm Charmer, Shaman Stick, Gamello, One-String, Duvel Harp, Conch Shell, et al.

Workshop: experimenting with playing methods on non-traditional instruments. Bowing, blowing, puffing, pursing, hitting, rubbing, tipping, plucking, shucking, sticking, shaking, rapping, tapping, heaving, muting, etc.

Concert/Performance: executing these playing methods on non-traditional instruments in a group setting.

REGISTER: mail to woombtoomb@gmail.com to register.

Yuri Landman is an inventor of musical instruments, and worked in the past for luminaries such as Sonic Youth, dEUS, Blood Red Shoes, Melt-Banana, Liars, Health & the Dodos. Since 2009 he's full time active giving DIY instrument building workshops all over Europe at festivals, venues, art spaces and arts and music academies. He has a wide range of different workshop instruments available, suitable for many orgs depending on the direction of their activities. He also regularly gives lectures (mostly suitable in an academic environment, less appropriate for music venues).

In this online pdf most of the workshops are explained more detailed:

This Vimeo clip is about the Marseille 2012 workshop at Montevideo.

Since 2012 he has broadened his activity into a solo live career as well as in instant composed duos and trios with local musicians. So a musical performance only without the DIY workshop is also one of the options.

YouTube clip of a live performance:


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