DV#: New York, New York Wonderwheel feat. Franz Hautzinger, M. Lamar
22.11.2014 20:30h
DV#: New York, New York Wonderwheel feat. Franz Hautzinger, M. Lamar
Wonderwheel feat. Franz Hautzinger (A)
WONDER WHEEL ist das brandneue Album des Musikers, Filmemachers und Performance Künstlers Klaus Karlbauer. Durchwegs Instrumentalstücke für E-Zither, Bassklarinette, Bassgitarre und Elektronik, wurden sie von Klaus Karlbauer komponiert, interpretiert und produziert. Die Live Performance ist ein Soloprogramm. Visuell umrahmt und erweitert wird die Live-Musik durch Diaprojektionen der Fotoserie WONDER WHEEL, die Klaus Karlbauer im Rahmen eines New York-Aufenthaltes (1990) auf Coney Island fotografiert hat. Zusätzlich werden zwei Super-8 Experimentalfilme, WIEN FILM (ca. 1983) und NEW YORK - NEW YORK (1990) von Klaus Karlbauer gezeigt. Die analoge Projektion entspricht dem analogen Charakter der Musik.

M.Lamar (US)
M. Lamar writes songs that are at once a product of his African American heritage, drawing heavily from the negro spiritual. Combined with his operatic voice and piano playing that is at once interested in western classical music and dissonant black metal Lamar’s sound makes one think that things are so catastrophic that the world might end at the conclusion of one of his tracks. Lamar’s work has been presented internationally, most recently In Glasgow at the Tramway, Geneva Performance art Festival, The Bone Festival Bern Switzerland, WWDIS Fest in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Queer-Feminist Anti-Racist Performance Festival Stockholm Sweden, Performatorum Regina Canada, The International Theater Festival Donzdorf, Germany, Cathedral of St. John the Divine New York, and The African American Arts and Culture Complex San Francisco among others. M. Lamar holds a B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art institute and attended the Yale School of Art in the sculpture program before dropping out to pursue music. Lamar has had many many years of classical vocal study with Ira Siff among others

"Mr. Lamar plumbs the depths of all-American trauma with visionary verve.“ (The New York Times)

"Through his music, he has commented on the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, slave ships, and lynching.“ (Vice Magazine)

"M. Lamar, performs songs that are a cross stylistically between operatic excess, old-fashioned Negro spirituals and demonic possession“ (Ottawa Citzen)

Wonderwheel feat. Franz Hautzinger (A)
M.Lamar (USA)

Djs: Hoec + Miss Management

doors 19h, stage 20h30h

Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)