Dimensions Variable # - Variable Dimensions of Sound and Form – and Time
18.11.2014 19:00h
Dimensions Variable # - Variable Dimensions of Sound and Form – and Time
Mit: Edward Alderwick, Atzgerei Productions, Mirko Bandini, Alexander Felch, Udo Fon, Liv Fontaine, Matthias Fritsch, Peter Fritzenwallner, Bernhard Garnicnig, GELATIN, Lukas Heistinger, Christoph Höschele, Stelios Karamanolis, Matthias Klien, Mica Luxe, Harald Hund, Jaysha Obispo, Gernot Petjak, Jeroen van Amelsvoort, Theodoras Vogiatzidis, Roswitha Weingrill, Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster, Shinya Yamaoka

“Dimensions Variable” is a term mostly used to describe the size of installations that often consist of various media. In science, “dimension” designates the size of a space that accommodates the expansion of all material objects, but, as fundamental structural model, exists only in relation to these. The artistic treatment of space is about bursting its dimensions in order to attain a spatial displacement, or opening of the space, and create spaces that allow scope for thoughts and reflections. All works in the exhibition are united in the attempt to make people aware of this by overstepping boundaries. Only thus can spatial and political dimensions become clear. And only the break-up of predetermined formats generates the freedom for an idea of the creative work process to emerge.

kuratiert von: Alexander Felch und Christoph Höschele

18.11., 19:00

Angular Flux (NL) feat. Udo Fon (A), Monsterfrau (D), Sixtus Preiss (A), Jelena Glazova (LAT), Discozma (A) | Performance/Live

'Downgrading Warhol'
Performance as self-portraiture
Visual artist Udo Fon, performance writer Jaysha Obispo and photographer Jeroen van Amelsvoort will explore their self-images from a new perspective. The voiceless, faceless art dealer Robert Green, will unveil his personality-less human sculpture Jillian Beemore, in presence of her partner Jack Beeless. What spirits will they conjure up this time?

Udo Fon is Robert Green
Jaysha Obispo is Jillian Beemore
Jeroen van Amelsvoort is Jack Beeless
Costume design: Patritzia Ruthensteiner
Video performance: 'Becoming Jillian Beemore' by Jaysha Obispo
Visual and technical support by: Angular Flux

STIMMKÖRPER III - Bodies of a voice
„What is a voice? It is a straining of the air. (...) it is also the imaginary production of a secondary body, a body double: a voicebody. (...) The voice (...) is shape formed out of resistance. What resists the voice? The heaviness, the reluctant inertia of things, the world‘s weary wish to hold its peace. The voice (...) is a striving, and a disturbance: it subjects the world to strain.“ (Steven Connor in: „The Strains of the Voice“)

„Meine elektronische Musik ist ein Versuch, komplexe Motive so zu produzieren, dass sie im ersten Moment nicht als komplexe Motive auffallen, sondern höchstens wonky oder glitchy erscheinen. Was mit dem Computer leicht funktioniert, ist mit akustischer Band eine Herausforderung.“

Jelena Glazova is sound artist artist/visual artist and a poet from Riga, Latvia. She is working in interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art, combining in her works image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation. Her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. As a conceptual artist she is primarily using her voice as a generator, heavily altering it and manipulating with a help of digital processing. She considers that type of vocal elements deconstruction as a form of expressing unpronounced speech – connecting it with her practice as a poet. As a visual artist she is often dealing with physicality, which is also a basis of her work as a sound artist. She performed at experimental music and sound art festival Sound around Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad, Russia), Noise and Fury (Moscow, Russia), Vilnius Noise Week (Vilnius, Lithuania), music festival Skanu Mezs (Riga, Latvia), electronic music festival Art’s Birthday (Stockholm, Sweden) etc. Collaborated with artists and poets – Derek Holzer (US/DE), Alexei Borisov (RU), Edgars Rubenis (LV/NL), Platons Buravickis (LV), ::VTOL:: (RU) etc.
Author of 2 books of poetry. Debut book was nominated for Latvian National Literary Award for the Brightest debut in 2013. Her poetry was published in Russian, Latvian, English, Finnish, Polish, Estonian languages.

Discozma sind »der österreichische Aphex Twin« Alois Huber (Laton) & Ex-Skug-Chefredakteur Didi Neidhart, die in ihren Tracks genüsslich und verschmitzt die weiten Welten zwischen Electro-Glamour, Disco-Trash, House-Extravaganza, Techno-Sleaze, Space-Exotica & Dub-Flamboyanz erforschen. Optisch ergänzt durch einen Discozma-Video-Mash-Up mit surreal-psychedelischem Underground-Flair.

Alois Huber
Psychokybernetiker und Soundartist, DJ und Veranstalter im Bereich internationaler, elektronischer Musik, social, sound & media designs. Seit 1991 Co -founder mit Pomassl von Laton records (www.laton.at), dem 1.osterreichischen elektronischen Musiklabel. Grunder des "Institut fur Kunst und Technologie", Theorie und Praxis, Konzeptionen im Bereich Grundlagenforschung (Bsp.: Infraschallforschung, "Auswirkungen von Subfrequenzen auf den menschlichen Organismus" / vgl. Ars electronica 1996). Initiator beim Forschungsinstitut "Mind Mooves"(www.mindmooves.org), (Bsp.: creations of biofeedback in artistic contest). Member of Sabotage comunications und Craft rec (www.sabotage.at). Kollaboration mit Markus Wintersberger (www.medienwerkstatt006.at), tonbildtanz konzeptionen.
Veroffentlichungen von Tontragern bei: "react"/London, "k7!" / Berlin, "SabotageCraft" / Wien, "Laton" / Gfohl, Moskau und "dubonwax" (www.dubonwax.com) / Schiltern, Chigago.

Didi Neidhart
Ex-Chefredakteur von skug - Journal fur Musik", schreibt u.a. fur versorgerIn (Linz) & testcard (D), Vortrage zu Pop als Theorie & Praxis im In- und Ausland, Lector an der FH Salzburg (zu „Popculture"), DJ (Favoritbar/Munchen, Laton SoundSystem), Knopfchendreher (Discozma), Geschaftsfuhrer des Instituts fur Kunst & Technologie (Schiltern).

Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)