The Unwritten: Highlights in Emerging Painting
30.09.2014 19:00h
The Unwritten: Highlights in Emerging Painting
After several months of preparation, I’d like to announce a large-scale group exhibition titled “The Unwritten”, intended to highlight the work of specific emerging painters.
As with the last time I curated a show on that scale (Before the movies, paintings were like the movies, 2010; photos here), the exhibition will offer a high-frequency view on what’s currently happening in painting, focusing artists who operate in a certain distance to galleries, institutions and art fairs.

With the opening on Tuesday, September 30th 2014, the exhibition will precede Vienna’s rollercoster ride of art showcases at the beginning of October 2014: In addition to the VIENNAFAIR, there’s the Essl Museum's “Die Zukunft der Malerei” (“the future of painting”), the Parallel Vienna and Curated By - a lot to be seen in a rather short amount of time.

Why then come see our show? Because it hosts a big variety of work with a pure focus on painting: You might not get any closer to emerging art.
The exhibition is hosted on the premises of an abandoned monarchal 19th century metal factory, used to produce imperial insignia - at Vienna’s art space mo.ë: When looking for art that’s exhibited in an artist-run space, check out this show.

With the Finissage scheduled for Saturday, October 4th, the exhibition will only be hosted for one week, and currently features the following artists, some of which have already been featured on the Beyond Mimesis - platform with artist talks, exhibitions, painting analyses and/or studio visits:

Anna Attar
Agnieszka Baginska
Arnold Berger
Ursula Buchart
Paul DeFlorian
Stefanie De Vos
Sophie Dvořák
Theresa Eipeldauer
Michael Fanta
Alexander Felch
Stefan Glettler
Katharina Höglinger
Werner Jakits
Stefan Kreuzer
Julia Maurer
Christoph Mayer
Andreas Messinger
Hannes Mlenek
Maria Pavlova
David Peschka
Matthias Peyker
Sarah Pichlkostner
David Postl
Astrid Rausch
Käthe Schönle
Petra Schweifer
Titania Seidl
Marianne Vlaschits
Patrick Wagner
Michael Weidhofer
David Zeller
Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)