¥€$!¥€$!¥€$!: Sajira, Umbra, Eric Arn + Margaret Unknown
21.06.2014 20:00h
¥€$!¥€$!¥€$!: Sajira, Umbra, Eric Arn + Margaret Unknown
Sajira (PE)
Sajira is the most recent harsh-pop project of Chrs Galarreta (guitar, effects and sequences) Peruvian contemporary non-musician very active in the Latin American underground scene since 1998 with different bands and soloist projects. In this tour he is presenting his debut album as Sajira published under the label Aloardi and also he will present his 2 singles cassette release called "Fascination".

Umbra (A)
Umbra is the solo project of Johannes Oberhuber, who also plays bass in Toru?n. A surprise mix of bass, keys and vocals is to be expected. The whole thing will move within a shadow world between a droning entity and a resonating tone, more or less innocent but with a shifty edge. It could be classified as drone, experimental or psychedelic but maybe it’s also just going to be weird ... Silhouettes still dance, a dark shape is coming into being.

Eric Arn (US)
American guitarist Eric Arn and his Primordial Undermind have tirelessly mined the nether regions of avant-rock for the past two decades, in a steady progression from distorted, psychedelic rock overload to full-blown free instrumental music, and everything in between. Since settling in Vienna in 2005, Eric has continued to perform with the Undermind, as well as playing solo, in duos with Cam Deas, Stefan Kushima/Cruise Family and Bernadette Zeilinger, and as a member of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Tempel Solaire/Tempel Lunaire, the Magic Carpathians, and Marco Eneidi's Nenuvi Orchestra.

Margaret Unknown (A)
Max Bogner is a Viennese artist working with performance, sound, movement and various combinations thereof. Apart from an elementary focus on free improvisation and an inclination towards the intuitive his work also draws on more conceptualized approaches like trance, the unconscious mind, ritualism, density of time, occupation of space, altered room characteristics, the movement of sound, multi-speaker/feedback systems and the correlation of acoustic, electronic and sampled materials. He has performed solo, in duets, ensembles, and orchestras all over Europe and as a curator of the mo.e artspace in Vienna has initiated several international collaborations, workshops and festivals, establishing the mo.e as a hub for like-minded artists.

doors: 19h, stage: 20h

Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)