Feathered Coyote Records - Zamzamrec Showcase
26.06.2014 21:00h
Feathered Coyote Records - Zamzamrec Showcase
H (UK), Uiutna (UK/IT), Mark Wagner (UK), H.U.M, Ottaven (IT) | Live


To celebrate the release of Mental Transmutation Music (zamzamrec 030), zamzamrec, the "nerd constellation", "superfutur" tape label, based in Bristol and devoted to exploratory music, will be on tour ((FR, BE, NL, GE, PL, CZ, HU, AT..., from the 9th to the 30th of Juin. Together, Héloïse and Olmo run the zamzamzone since 2011, publishing the music of multiple and diverse "noisu" creatures on cassettes and online, offering to alles a numeric space, ad lib. totem, where they can add links, releases, drawings, concerts, video clips, etc. In January 2013 and in collaboration with Greasytrucker, they took up the FAG-studios, labyrinth of practice rooms filled with amps and cymbals and started to organize radio shows, small rad gigs recorded, live broadcasted and archived on the Internet. Anthroprophh, the genius guitarist of the Heads and Ross >Bumtapes are the resident dj's and the programm goes along with soloists on tourz. They received Bird People, Jake Blanchard, Mxlx, Svartvit, Twin, Call back the Giant, Cementimental, José Macabra, Joinbythewire, Now wash your hands, Salope, Mark Wagner, Massicot, Malcom Julian Swan, Oso el Roto, Jentle Ben, Blakk metal, Ocean floor, Innercity and many more to come... They correspond with loads of labels, record shops, concert places, radio programs, all over Europe and Americas, taking care of the good circulation of all kind of sonorous researches and information.

H is planet. She practices mesmerizing audio gesture ((ceremony shell and other secrets, she transforms and composes tales poems abstract rituals, dream meta, musique de peur. Space 4D - souls - levitation. Enter the pyramid, dive to the depths : light, void ; dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon***?**** At the moment she is recording a LP Circea and she will publish a 7'split with Hedoromeruhen (duo of Daisuke Ichiba (Le dernier cri) and Yasutoshi Yoshida (Gouvernment Alpha).

UIUTNA is a sound-voyager, Knight, wandering through fluorescent forests, interstellar clouds and incandescent deserts. He reads the signs, unleashes galloping drums, enchanting riffs and mythical howling to reproduce the creation of the Cosmos. Black parades, sirens and tarantelle *^* Since 2008 and over passionate experiments, he published CD's, tapes and vinyls for different labels of the underground scene like Antisocial, Vaatican records, Zonoff and Nohmad. With Wildrfid he released Koukulo, vinyl with metal, grunge, breakcore accents. With Dasandereselbst, he released Ummilandia, album electronica syncopated rainbow. With zamzamrec he put out, Sword, tape hypna-doom ; Nucleus, drone divination and outta space drumming ; and last diamond ))Fire is Queen(( zamzamrec 025, split with DRUSS (Paddy Shine) von GNOD. http://www.zamzamrec.org/Uiutna.html

MV is an oracle, a space rock drifting from one galaxy to another in the incommensurable space-time. A leaf falling from a tree... Decidious. He deciphers symbols, the Music of the Spheres, the song of the whale. He merges with the wind, and borrows the sun's gold fire. A breath, a dream, beyond, the Trance. Mark works with loops, echoes, repetition, mirrors and emanations of the Infinitae. He ventures in undefinable tones and rhythms, playing long sets of Levitation and sound meditation. He mixes spiritual and multimedia experiences with the Korè Kosmou, an immersive installation on the origins of the Universe according to Hermetic principles ; and Moon Ra, a project of "Communal Creative Enlightenment" led by a large troupe of musicians and artists, who create transcendental rituals in churches, temples and other sites of acoustic and spiritual elevation. THE ALL is Mind + The Universe is Vibration = Mental Transmutation Music.

OTTAVEN exists since 2004 and it is the name i gave to my close relation with the sound. Music brings us feelings through tones and silence. It is a physical fact that moves impalpable senses. I'm strictly connected to the idea of improvisation and I love to image that during an audio performance the listener could find his/herself into a proper and comfortable space between sound and his/her emotional conditions. I believe in repetition and practice. I search input and inspiration outside of the music scene and through my sounds i try to tell you something about my way of feelings.

doors: 19h, stage: 21h

Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)