Visual Philosophy: the whole earth - how we came to feel the planet
28.05.2014 19:00h
curated by Christoph Hoffmann


Our image of the globe hasn't changed much within the last 200 years, if we assess its development by a mere comparison of pictures and maps. of course digital mapping and satellite cartography have refined and enriched the way we view our blue marble, but a 19th century globe still holds pretty much the same information most of its present day siblings can offer.
The fact however, that we are now urged to perceive this planet as our home, a place we ought to cherish, take care for and protect, short, a place we as humans belong, adds a layer of perception to these images that isn't explicable through a google earth visualization.
How can the entire planet come to be a place, space and object of this most intimate affection, of the feeling of being home? is it, as some claim, a reawakened connectedness with some latent instinct? is it, even stranger, a spiritual, religion-like connection? or is it yet another projection of one of the many ideologic (ab)uses of what home can mean? or a mix of all of the above?
The third visual philosophy session tries to assess the genesis and morphology of our emotional pictures of the whole earth through a collage of moving pictures and thoughts crossing 30 years of film history.

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