Feathered Coyote Records präsentiert: Mike & Cara Gangloff, Stary Zoo | Live
03.03.2014 19:00h
Feathered Coyote Records präsentiert: Mike & Cara Gangloff, Stary Zoo | Live
Mike & Cara Gangloff (US), Stary Zoo (A)| Live, DJ

Mike & Cara Gangloff (US)
A founding member of Pelt and Black Twig Pickers, Mike Gangloff's bona fides are well-established in the worlds of drone-based improvisation and the still-living fiddle and banjo traditions of his Southwest Virginia home. With his wife Cara, Mike delves into a deeply personal music that both draws on age-old string sounds and creates an intimate, in-the-moment conversation between two musicians and their listeners.
Mike's album "Poplar Hollow," released last year by Blackest Rainbow, hinted at the new direction with Cara's droning sruti box accompanying Mike's fiddle. The brand new "Black Ribbon of Death," released just ahead of this tour, goes farther, casting traditional and original songs in a setting of fiddle, hurdy gurdy and other instruments -- and frequent a capella vocals. The result is a music that could be made by no one else: sometimes aggressive and sometimes introspective, sometimes echoing melodies that reach back generations, and always forging ahead into a future that is completely Mike & Cara's own.

Stary Zoo (A)
Stary Zoo is the solo-project of me, Michael Poigner. Recently I’m focusing more on acoustic guitar in the line of various (mainly American) artists out of the widespread field of Americana, folk and experimental folk music.

Feathered Coyote Records is a DIY label based in Vienna that was founded 2011 by Uli Rois. The label releases (mostly) tapes of all kinds of exploratory, psychedelic music ranging from industrial to noise rock, ambient and folk stylings. Past releases have included the Belgian free drone duo González & Steenkiste, noise legend Maurizio Bianchi, Manchester psychedelic noise-rock band Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Argentinian drone musician Pandelindio and a solo tape by Primordial Undermind founder Eric Arn, among many others. Since fall 2012 Feathered Coyote also organizes shows in Vienna, which offer a musical spectrum equally diverse as the label's catalog.


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Start: 03.03.2014 19:00h
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