Faze.One - In Media Nez

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014 - 19:00 Uhr


FAZE.ONE - In Media Nez | Experimental Play/Lecture
Heather Kelley (US), Oliver Maklott (AT), Alexandre Lejeune (F)

Faze is an irregular series of discussions and presentations of interactive stuff that crosses the borders of visual art, performance, game, and otherwise - even playful experiences that reach into everyday life.
Join us for the inaugural Faze on Jan 15 and help set the course for experimental play in Vienna.

FAZE.ONE: In Media Nez
How is our sense of smell engaged in interactive, playful experience? The first Faze night starts with short scent-enhanced presentations from the artists
Heather Kelley (US), Oliver Maklott (AT) and Alexandre Lejeune (F), followed by open discussion of this poorly-understood but rich area of expression. Come play with their interactive scent robot "Displanoid" or take a chance on the punishing cocktail game robot "The Smell of Defeat," both of which were developed in residency at Blast Theory (UK).


eSeL's Neugierde
Heather Kelley, Oliver Maklott, Alexandre Lejeune, Vortrag, Präsentation, Diskussion, Performance
Mittwoch, 15.01.2014 19:00
Thelemangasse 4
1170 Wien
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