is.m - improvised sound.movement
01.08.2013 19:00h
is.m - improvised sound.movement
is.m | improvised sound.movement
mini.festival | august 1 – 7, 2013

is.m is a mini festival focused on sound and movement in the context of improvisation.

is.m consists of performances, workshops, sessions, and discussions.

aug 1st | OPENING | 1
19:00-20:00 reception
20:00-23:00 performances by:
margaret unknown | rosi rehformen + daniela aichmayer

keith hennessy + jassem hindi
live sound movement action sculpture hangout
BYOwhiskey, meat, chocolate, regrets, secrets, doubts, bitterness, opinions, insights, and grief.

We wish we had sponsors and funders. Who the fuck has sponsors and funders for performing in a no budget, horizontal/diagonal improv (off) festival? Hindi lives in Berlin but also Paris and has family in multiple countries and contexts. Hennessy lives in San Francisco, is originally from Canada, and has family in multiple countries and contexts. Working equals travel. Hennessy + Hindi make live performance together, based on their studies of punk, tear gas, improvisation, cowardice, masculinity, faggotry, music, contact improvisation, booking air travel, shaking, (butt) fucking the space, (post-colonial) ritual, beer & tequila, cruising, noise, shy introversion, philosophies of philosophy and histories of history, competition, jealousy, feminism, orgasm, racism, pain, and control.

aug 2nd | RESONANCE | 2
10:00 - 17:00 | Resonance Workshop
lead by William Bilwa Costa and Megan Bridge
19:00 book reading/discussion " Resonance " by Peter Price
20:00 Resonance Performance with Bilwa, Megan, Peter + workshop particpants

aug 3rd | LIMIT STATE | 3
Limit State Workshop
lead by Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki + Pia Palme
20:00 performance by and more

aug 4th | LIMIT STATE | 4
Limit State Workshops
lead by Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki + Pia Palme
20:00 performance with workshop participants

aug 5th | CONTACT | 5
14-18 Contact Improvisation Lab
lead by Helena Skovierova
19 -22 Contact Jam

aug 6th | OPEN | 6
14-19 Open Sessions
19-22 "Dichte" Workshop lead by Eric Arn

Dichte is a graphical score that maps out a performance environment for 5 - 10 improvising musicians, singers, dancers, etc. We will learn to interpret this piece and work together to create a compelling live performance using it. Participation is open to all interested people, and there is no charge to be a part. The public premiere will take place on the following night.

aug 7th | CLOSING | 7

10-12 Training with Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki
all day durational performance by jasmin schaitl
conclusion of which begins the final evening of performances
20-23 performances by:
jasmin schaitl | melanie maar + christian konrad schröder | cactus truck | bosse vs. bosse | "Dichte" workshop performance + more tba
Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)