KinoDynamique/KinoKabaret 2011
18.05.2011 19:00h
KinoDynamique/KinoKabaret 2011
At KinoDynamique short films are produced within 36 hours and screened in Viennese cinemas immediately after. There are three sessions of 36 hours each. At the beginnning of each session there is a production meeting, where directors present their ideas for a short film project and look for a crew to join their project.
The maximum length for short films produced is 7 minutes.

KinoDynamique: 18th - 24th of May 2011
1st production meeting: 18th of May, 7 PM, kinolab
1st screening: 20th of May, 10.30 PM at Filmcasino

2nd production meeting: 21st of May, 11 AM, kinolab
2nd screening: 22nd of May, 10.30 PM at Filmcasino

3rd production meeting: 23rd of May, 11AM, kinolab
3rd screening: 24th of May, 10:30 PM at Filmcasino

The "kinolab" is the center of KinoDynamique. Registration of participants, production meetings, editing and post-production take place there.
Participants should bring their own equipment (for filming, editing, sound recording, etc.), if possible. There will be space at the kinolab to set up your work station.
Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 ,Wien (Österreich)