Boem - 1sr year Party
29.04.2011 19:00h
Boem - 1sr year Party
One Year BOEM* & ViceVerse TOUR Start

BOEM* Boemians join the party …
29th april – 30th april 2011 – 1st may 2011
its one year ago that we moved on Planet BOEM*. After the first year, we still don’t know, if we are the aliens or the others, but we have contact. Join us for our 3 days expedition. Explore BOEM* & HOOD.

Friday 29th April: PROLO COCKTAIL NIGHT at Café BOEM*
// with the winner of the year one – RUSSIAN COCAINE! Your and our most favorite Cocktail all night long! Special Surprise DELUXE Performance Night.

Saturday 30th April: The ViceVerse DJ Night at BOEM* Gallery
// Starting with an OnionSoup CookOFF we’ll move on with the TOUR START of VICEVERSE PHASE 2 – EUROPA
// more info on www.viceverse.org
BOEM* – Association for Art, Culture, Science and Communication, Koppstraße 26/1-5, 1160 Wien, Austria