Dark Times – Derek Ogbourne and Paul Sakoilsky

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2007 - 19:00 Uhr

Area 53

Derek Ogbourne and Paul Sakoilsky’s work spans a wide variety of formats, from video/performance and photography, to more traditional media: drawing/painting/collage.

Their work shares a common thread dating back to the 1990’s, where they were both using the then new technology of miniature video cameras attached to the body in performance/video pieces.

If one were looking for links between the works of the two artists, physicality and the performative have played, and continue to play an important role. One might also look toward the idea of the ‘event’: The compression in a given moment/work of physiological, emotional and spiritual intensities.

Their work draws on what is often seen as the dark or uncomfortable side of life: intense states of being and of perceiving, what one might term, the romantic sublime and the tragic; working in the interstices between darkness and light, loss and celebration, life and death, and Being and Non-Being.

Sakoilsky will perform ‘I hate f€€king Clowns’, for the opening.


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Area 53
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