Valent1day: Will you come for me?

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2023 - 17:00 Uhr

Contemporary Matters Studio

hosted by Contemporary Matters

With works by
Linda Artemis Bergstötter
Emma Egger
Gabriela Gažovà
Ivie Isibor
Emma Peinhopf

Opening 14.02.2023 5 PM - 10 PM ;
8 PM performance by Emma Egger

Closing 19.02.2023 12 AM - 4 PM
Candle Light Brunch


Five female artists contemplate romance, love, crushing, dating, dreaming, hurting, talking and making art about it - in five different mediums from five different angles.

The feeling of romantic love and the philosophical idea of love are sometimes bigger than life itself. The highly personal experience and physical sensation somewhere between excitement, shame, expectation, fear and imagination; and the fascinating concept of inexplicable connection between people had been explored in visual art, poetry, music and drama for centuries - with the prevailing perspective being male. The history of art got spectators and readers conditioned to perceive and understand love from the male point of view (male gaze1) which lead into leaving love and heartbreak examined and explored by women to be considered banal, naive and unneeded. But on the contrary - it is the one side of the story that is (heart)achingly missing.

The challenge to approach the topic so personal and hard to grasp or define in any general terms, as it varies in perception and expression from each person, is particularly intriguing for flinta* artists - made to battle (self)doubt and considered irrelevant by the patriarchy. Yet, the most authentic, joyful, refreshing and complex ways of verbally analyzing and artistically capturing love (be it romance, sexual attraction or kinship/friendship) usually take place outside of the mainstream love songs and (male) paintings of muses. It happens in communities, kitchens, circles of friends talking or five artists finding a balance between personal and political.

1 MULVEY, Laura: Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. Screen 16, 1975.
* FLINTA = female, lesbian. inter, non binary, trans & agender


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Eröffnung, Gruppenausstellung, Linda Artemis Bergstötter, Emma Egger, Gabriela Gažovà, Ivie Isibor, Emma Peinhopf
Dienstag, 14.02.2023 17:00
bis Sonntag, 19.02.2023
Contemporary Matters Studio
Sonnenallee 26
1220 Wien
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