Tempor[e]alities - Cycle II

Donnerstag, 15. September 2022 - 17:00 Uhr

Format (*.strk)

CYCLE II: Unfolding archives

Florian Bocksrucker
Kristina Cyan
Daria Eameri
Klimentina Li
Käthe Löffelmann
Paola Lopez
Michael Wallinger

opening: 15/09, 17:00-22:00
closing: 23/09, 17:00-22:00
additional showings on request
Format(*.strk), Währinger Straße 128, 1180 Wien

“Tempor[e]alities” centers artistic positions that approach time as moving interrelations between collective, individual and material experiences. Through their narratives, forms and methods, they make us aware of our presence in time: that at any given moment we exist in multiple temporalities, constantly re-locating our past and present selves in relation to others and our environment.
Flesh, earth, and water all carry within the movements of time - the endless cycles of becoming and unravelling, of decomposition and regeneration, of erosion and disintegration. Landscapes and oceans remember, and so do our bodies, becoming archives of ever-changing, interconnected histories.
The exhibition takes place in a vacant Altbau apartment, about to be renovated. In this liminal space suspended between its past and future, the exhibition becomes a speculative cartography of scenarios and moments in time, hosting artifacts in the state of (temporal) flux and documentations of future histories.
As the writer Lola Olufemi observes: “the future is not in front of us, it is everywhere simultaneously: multidirectional, variant, spontaneous. We only have to turn around.”


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Eröffnung, Gruppenausstellung, time, temporalities, Format(*.strk), Florian Bocksrucker, Kristina Cyan, Daria Eameri, Klimentina Li, Käthe Löffelmann, Paola Lopez, Michael Wallinger
Donnerstag, 15.09.2022 17:00
bis Freitag, 23.09.2022
Format (*.strk)
Währinger Straße 128
1180 Wien
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