Independent Synergies

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2022 - 16:00 Uhr

Independent Space Index
Ort: Neuer Kunstverein Wien

Wednesday 22 June at 16 Uhr

Wednesday 22 June at 16 Uhr

Vienna’s independent scene as an international, decentralized institution.

Zuzana Ernst - D-Arts
Martin Fritz - Moderation
Katharina Hoglinger - Artist
Bruno Mokross - Pina
Michael Part - Artist
Matthias Sohr - Bureaucracy Studies and Circuit Lausanne
Vincent Weisl - Wien Museum
Luisa Ziaja - Belvedere 21, Curator “Über die Neue”

Independent Space Index is a directory of artist-run, non-commercial, and independent art spaces in Vienna, as well as a channel for representation and networking between the listed spaces.

A discussion at the monthly Independent Space Index meeting must negotiate the diversity of purpose behind such spaces. The stated goals of developing the directory are to strengthen solidarity and to increase the visibility of non-commercial, independent artistic production, and to highlight the contribution of these spaces to the Viennese art scene.

An early discussion about how to present ourselves via this new channel of representation led to a proposal of Vienna’s independent scene as a large and diverse intergenerational institution, presenting hundreds of exhibitions and projects per year, which serve to create a web of international networks.

The questions of the role of these small cultural initiatives runs parallel to those of valuation of artistic effort. As collaborative efforts, such a discussion can sidestep many generic expectations placed on individual artists. This gives us a clue to what the ‘mission’ of such a decentralized institution might be.

This proposal will launch our roundtable discussion. We will examine the role(s) of independent spaces and initiatives, and strategies of re-presentation, whether it be through festivals, joint exhibitions, institutional invitations, or historical analysis.


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Roundtable, independent spaces, institutions
Mittwoch, 22.06. 16:00
Independent Space Index

Neuer Kunstverein Wien
Rennweg 110-116
1030 Wien
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