The Cellular Fidelity

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2022 - 19:00 Uhr

Alte Schieberkammer

"The Cellular Fidelity" by Cagdas Cecen

"The Cellular Fidelity" examines the synesthetic and interactive relationship between human life and invisible life in our water. It is an interactive feedback exchange about our co-existence with aquatic life, in which the effects of urbanization are reflected back to you in real time, creating your own unique experience. Invisible life is made visible as well as audible, while connections appear and merge in a bio-generative landscape.

26 May 19:00-22:00

Opening Hours:
27-29 May 17:00-19:00


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Eröffnung, Wasser, Cagdas Cecen
Donnerstag, 26.05.2022 19:00
bis Sonntag, 29.05.2022
Alte Schieberkammer
Meiselstraße 20
1150 Wien
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