eSeLSCHWARM Encounters: EsRAP Concert + Artist Talk @ Muslim*Contemporary

Freitag, 12. November 2021 - 17:30 Uhr


eSeLSCHWARM Encounters: EsRAP Concert + Artist Talk @ Muslim*Contemporary

Meeting Point: 17:30 -> Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Lehárgasse 8, 1060 Wien, Prospekthof, Tor 2

eSeLSCHWARM invites you to the 1st of eSeLSCHWARM Encounters at the EsRAP concert and artist talk at the finissage of Muslim*Contemporary Exhibit at the Academy of fine arts’ Semper Depot on Friday, November 12th. Join us as a group with Heather “Paloma” and Zhameli “Wäschbarhund” to enjoy the concert and an artist talk with EsRAP with time to get to know others at the venue’s finissage. The artist talk will be held in German.

Esra and Enes Özmen are the Viennese rap duo, EsRAP, who sing + perform about their life stories growing-up with Turkish roots in Ottakring, everyday racism, Islamophobia, and rootlessness. In 2017, they founded "Gürtel Squad", a series of events on rap music and hip-hop. EsRAP released their first album "Tschuschistan" in 2019.
During the artist talk, they will speak further with the audience about their work, as well as on cultural identities, the "value" of being children and/or descendants of immigrants, the possibilities of music as an expression of one’s life experiences and protest. You can find more about EsRAP ->

Muslim* Contemporary is a multi-disciplinary artistic exhibit and space conceptualized + curated by Asma Aiad for Muslim*s, those read as Muslim*s, non-Muslim*s, and anyone interested in art, community, and dialogues about the Muslim community in Austria. The exhibit from Monday, 8th November to Friday, 12th November at the Academy of Arts Vienna includes workshops to visual arts and performances curated, facilitated, and led by Muslim* artists in Vienna. The exhibit highlights the diversity within Austria’s Muslim communit(ies) through works + dialogues on identit(ies) and anti-racist strategies, as well as their contributions in education, art, activism, and culture in Austria. You can find more information about Muslim*Contemporary and the events ->

Tickets + Registration *** The event is free, but you will need to register to attend the event and exhibits ->

Meeting Point: In order to visit the concert + highly recommended exhibit starting on November 8th, please register online ^ to join the concert + meet us in front of Lehárgasse 8 at 17:30 to join the group.

2.5G COVID regulations: proof of vaccination, PCR test no older than 48hrs, or recovered. As it is a concert + community space, a COVID test before the event is also recommended and appreciated.
Respect others + yourself: Treat others with the fullest respect + care.

The eSeLSCHWARM Encounter series initiated by eSeL Kültüř Gemma Fellow Heather / “Paloma” facilitates community and collective explorations in art and cultural institutions in Vienna.


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Freitag, 12.11. 17:30

Semper Depot
Lehargasse 6-8
1060 Wien
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