Anna Vasof, Christian Bazant-Hegemark

Freitag, 12. März 2021 - 19:00 Uhr

untitled Projects

Anna Vasof
A Real Exhibition in a Real Space from an Amazon Woman
12 Mar – 24 Apr 2021

My work is accessible in a universal way via its wit and mischief. It is grounded in genuine experimentation of the core mechanisms of motion and time based art. I go to the heart of every question and start from zero, reinventing core premises with my own perspective. My Non-Stop Stop-Motion works reinvent a contemporary expanded cinema and deal with the poetic mechanics of persistence of vision. My works with everyday objects (shoes, brooms, pots etc.) deal with social paradoxes and let us see a familiar world from a different perspective.

Anna Vasof is an architect and media artist. Born in 1985, she studied architecture at the University of Thessaly (2010) in Greece and Transmedia Art (2014) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 2004 her videos and short movies have been presented in several festivals, some of them winning distinctions. In 2020 she finished her Ph.D. thesis about a cinematographic technique that she developed with the title Non-Stop Stop-Motion. She is now working on designing and building innovative mechanisms for producing critical and narrative videos, actions and installations.


Christian Bazant-Hegemark
March 12th – March 20th

SALON presents most recent works of one of our represented artists in the back space of our gallery, keeping the artist’s audience up to date and accompanying exhibition openings in our main space.

SALON#1 shows new works by Christian Bazant-Hegemark are on display, through which he further consolidates his figurative approach.
Digital glitches and errors in image editing are fundamental in the conception of the presented pencil drawings and oil paintings. The series includes portraits and interrogations of political situations through which Bazant-Hegemark enhances his involvement with people’s trauma processing. The displayed works do not depict trauma as such, as it is not physically visible for the viewer, but can rather be experienced on an emotional level.

The artist thematizes and reflects on the dynamic of traumatized people, who often lack knowledge about their own condition for a long period of time. The works recurrently focus on the psychological symptoms of traumatized people: body dissociation, depersonalisation, amnesia, fatigue and psychological coercions. These symptoms are, apart from clichés, not directly depictable as they do not offer clear images: one’s emotional situation does not show on his surface only. Consequently, the exhibited works – detached from everything else – seem like everyday sceneries illustrated: people sleeping, pottering, gardening, glancing; the works do not articulate the reason for these actions.

The introspective look of the persons depicted refers to an internal communication, which we as spectators can never be a part of. It is not intended for us. In this sense we as the observer are always excluded from certain aspects and dynamics of an image – like trauma victims, who may lack a clear approach to their own body, recognitions, emotions etc. as a consequence of dissociations (until a disillusion through reprocessing).


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Solo Show, Non-Stop Stop-Motion, Anna Vasof, Christian Bazant-Hegemark
Freitag, 12.03. 19:00
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untitled Projects
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