Echoic: Lecture performance

Freitag, 28. Februar 2020 - 20:00 Uhr


Lecture performance:
An Unclosed Circuit In 4 Phases
By Darja Shatalova & Ana Loureiro

The lecture performance An Unclosed Circuit In 4 Phases by Darja Shatalova & Ana Loureiro forms a meta-level to Ana’s solo show at Fabrikraum. After collecting information on Ana’s exhibition, Darja explains graphically and verbally the structuring principles of the creation process and the final view of the art pieces and connects her theory to the first- and second-order reality. Stay fragmented.

“Echoic”, is a result from a long-term reflection about memory and space. About my relationship with the spaces I lived in and its inner memories. Those memories, subsisted in a plurality of matters: since in objects, in photographs or in documents. Either, in the memory that I had from the houses area and the floor plan drawn.
In this exhibition a new sensory memory is added: an echoic memory made of sounds which inhabit objects. A sensory memory which records specific auditory informations. For over 20 years, I was revisiting the same region although different beaches. However, with the same involuntary act of collecting shells. With the innocent intention and believe of bringing a small piece of the ocean to home. This was not a random souvenir. It was created by Nature and it preserves all of its characteristics. It preserves a sound from its habitat, which is audible when it is close to the ear. At that point, the two subcategories of sensory memory – the iconic and the echoic – intersect."

Ana Loureiro is a visual artist living and working in Vienna since 2013. Her projects have been already presented in several countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Portugal. Conciliating with her artistic activity, she is a member and curator of the non-profit collective called Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory based in Vienna.


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Ana Loureiro, sensorische Erinnerung, Muscheln
Freitag, 28.02.2020 20:00
Johnstraße 25-27
1150 Wien
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