FLiege off_space explorations: March highlights

eSeLSCHWARM "FLiege" Foto: Please repeat, I am miles away (Fabrikraum, 03.-17.03.2023) eSeLSCHWARM "FLiege" Foto: Please repeat, I am miles away (Fabrikraum, 03.-17.03.2023)

Centering South-Eastern Europe in Leopoldstadt: hoast
Located between Taborstraße and Donaukanal, hoast is a compact independent art space run by the artists Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair and Wolfgang Obermair since 2017. In the past year, they hosted new exhibitions almost every month, always varying in media and approach. Hoast showcases artistic projects pertaining to the local Austrian scene and South Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Leaving some flexibility in their schedule allows them to spontaneously make space for reactions to current events as well as charitable actions.

Wir wenden unsre Ruessel gen Mitternacht

Conceptualizing space in a room: sehsaal
sehsaal is an art space in the backyard of a fifth-district residential building. It is run by an association of five people with backgrounds in visual arts, architecture, sound design, performing arts, and cultural studies. For sehsaal, artists are invited to create a project that relates to the concept of “space.” Revolving around an annual concept, they host four exhibitions per year, but their calendar also has space for film screenings, discussions, and workshops.

Markus Guschelbauer: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Interdisciplinary activities in a “back-space” off-space: Wohlmut
Aiming to bring art into a rather overlooked neighborhood, wohlmut is one of the few off-spaces in the second district. Two visual artists from Istanbul opened it in 2021 during the pandemic and have been “hyperactive” ever since: after organizing readings, music, and visual arts events, their next project is running a bookstore next door. The wohlmut association behind it is especially excited about their art book and zine fair coming up in May.

Anna Vasof - Things and Wonders: The Toy Collection

Platforming artistic research: Fabrikraum
Run by a group of artists and creatives, the Fabrikraum is a space to unite all different angles on and approaches to artistic research. Often inviting groups, the location serves as a place of encounter for the creative process and as a platform to share projects in a wide range of art and cultural events. While the team hails from very different backgrounds, Fabrikraum has a focus on digital and new media art.

Please repeat, I am miles away

Text & photos: Fricka "FLiege" Lindemann

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