Schneiderei is an artist residency project run by a non-profit art association called „See you next Thursday“ and takes place every two month in Vienna, Austria.

- will be offering to the invited artist accomodation with basic conditions (toilette with a shower, a small kitchenette and a living room with central heating);

Schneiderei’s residency concept will be divided in two different stages:
The first six weeks aim to support artistic and/or professional development through a diversity of multidisciplinary events such as screenings, artist presentations, gallerists/curators/critics visits and performances/happenings.
- the first five weeks will be followed by an exhibition in the studio space. In this final stage the studio will be transformed into a gallery space, where the finissage/vernissage will take place and the exhibition will be on view for the following two weeks.
Krongasse 10
1050 Wien
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